TEAM Technology Updates - TEAM Industries
May 18, 2023

TEAM Technology Updates

In today’s competitive and highly advanced manufacturing world, staying ahead of the competition depends on having access to the most up-to-date technology and manufacturing processes. This can involve retrofitting existing equipment and modernizing production lines to optimize efficiency, enhance quality, and reduce costs.


 To meet these trends, TEAM Park Rapids has upgraded from two Single Spindle machines to one Twin Spindle station. By doing so, we can triple the sizes and types of parts we manufacture, while doubling our throughput. Which means, we can meet customer demand more rapidly. The Twin Spindle station only needs one operator instead of two, cutting their workload and improving safety in the workspace. Additionally, replacing two machines with one saves valuable floor space.


 Our TEAM Bagley assembly department has also been upgrading. A Flex Cell has been created and with a few quick changeouts, it will assemble many different final drives instead of needing to create a dedicated assembly line per final drive. This update provides advantages such as lessening required shop space and increasing our throughput.  It also has decreased the number of people needed to assemble the parts and created a safer environment for our employees.


 Technological improvements like these demonstrate how important it is for our business to continue to upgrade and modernize our equipment. These upgrades boost our performance while also creating a better working environment for the well-being of our employees.


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