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Product Development Services

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Product Development Overview

Our world-class Product Development teams design innovative drivetrains and associated technologies for the off-road, lawn and garden and light vehicle markets. Dedicated professionals have decades of experience in design, prototyping and test; providing their experience and dedication to steer your new product from concept through production. Our vertically integrated, multi-disciplined approach ensures innovative and cost-effective designs. We apply our expertise to develop a variety of products including transmissions, transaxles, planetary drives, dual clutch transmissions (DCT), continuously variable transmissions (CVT), hybrid transmissions, e-Drives transfer boxes, drive-shafts, axles, and differentials.

Our Product Development Services

Research and Development

Whether developing a new concept or improving upon an existing product or process, TEAM Engineering’s full service in-house capabilities provide our customers with the solutions necessary to design, engineer, research, analyze and improve upon the functionality and integrity of their products and processes – ensuring correct manufacturing methods, product quality and cost efficiency.

New Product/Process Development

TEAM’s collaborative design engineering teams work closely with you to ensure early consideration of design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) for decrease production cost and reduced time to market.  Our in-house machining and tooling capabilities allow more rapid prototyping and earlier pilot runs.

TEAM has a fully integrated system from concept to production and provides:

  • Computer modeling and printing of prototype parts to reduce time and cost
  • Digital Twin –
    • Virtual analysis of components and assemblies to determine strength, durability, and efficiency
    • Validate with laboratory and field testing
  • Mechatronics Engineering
    • Electrical and Control Engineers
    • Actuator Design
    • Controller Development
    • Programming
    • Electric Drivetrain Integration
    • Harness Design and Prototyping
  • Design
    • Design staff includes more than 100 design, test engineers and project managers
    • MASTA Simulation Software, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), MATLAB SIMULINK, CREO, Solid Works
    • Design of Experiments (DOE)
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


TEAM Industries’ 33,000 sq ft of climate-controlled manufacturing space allows engineers to quickly test designs and improve final product.  Our prototype building contains:

  • GIBBS CAD/CAM Software for shorter lead-times
  • Parallel-Axis & Cross-Axis Gears up to 8”
  • 5-Axis Mills for Housing & Complex Components
  • CNC Hob, Mills and Lathers
  • Gear Shaper, Spline Roller, Broach, Assembly and Welding
  • Surface and Cylindrical Grinders and Bore Hones
  • Composite & Laser Sintered Additive Manufacturing

Bench Testing

TEAM utilizes bench tests in our correlation analysis between the actual physical hardware performance and its mathematical modeling, i.e. finite element analysis (FEA), gear design, bearing life, calculations, etc. Our bench testing consists of:

  • Lights out/ around the clock uptime
  • Durability Testing
    • Gas Engine Duty Cycle Stands are used to induce real world loading through the CVT system.
  • Structural Spin Test
    • TEAM CVT’s are qualified to the SAE J1279 specification. The assembly is spun to a minimum of 12,000 rpm for 2 minutes.
  • Specific Testing
    • Load to Failure, Bushing Durability, Spring Cycling
  • Super-Flow Chassis Dyno Testing
  • Electric Test Cells
  • Hydraulic Test Cells
  • C. Engine Test Cells
  • Superflow Chassis Dynamometer
  • Shift Effort Measurement Cell
  • Acoustic Testing
    • 2 Hemi-Anechoic Sound Chambers
    • LMS Hardware/Software
    • Order/Spectral Analysis
    • Structural Vibration to Airborne Noise Analysis
    • Microphones, Accelerometers, Impact Hammer

Field Testing

Our Field Testing Includes:

  • Instrumented Field Testing
    • Verification of Performance Targets
    • Thorough understanding of loading conditions is obtained for Analysis
  • Durability
    • Independent & OEM Partnership Field Durability Testing
    • Vehicle Durability Validation
    • Correlation of Field Durability vs Bench Durability
  • Vehicle Specific Tests
    • High Load Endurance
    • Shift Performance

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