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Metallurgical Lab Testing

Full Service Metallurgical Lab

TEAM’s full Corporate Metallurgical Laboratory (CML) has the engineers and resources to solve your metallurgical issues.  TEAM CML is integral in supplier selection, development and ongoing production.  Our lab is equipped to perform metallurgical testing required to characterize material properties.  Technical reports can be ready within hours to solve issues quickly, providing faster solutions, faster improvements, and faster delivery.

Metallurgical Testing, Analysis and Services

  • Microstructural Analysis 10-1000X Magnification
  • Non-Destructive Testing – Magnetic Particle Inspection, Liquid Dye Penetrant, and Magnified Visual Examination
  • Hardness Testing – Rockwell, Superficial, Knoop, Vickers & Brinell
  • Evaluation of Field Returns and Failures
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Heat-Treating Technical Resource
  • Salt Fog Corrosion Test Cabinet
  • Chemical Analysis – Spectomaxx CCD Spectrometer

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