TEAM Spotlight: Zach Bera, TEAM Park Rapids, Manufacturing Engineer - TEAM Industries
June 6, 2024

TEAM Spotlight: Zach Bera, TEAM Park Rapids, Manufacturing Engineer

TEAM Member Spotlight: Zach Bera, TEAM Park Rapids, Manufacturing Engineer

Zach came from Idaho and made Minnesota his home in 2000 and has four children.

His journey with TEAM Park Rapids is a testament to growth and passion for technology. From his early days as a high school student running machines after school to his current role as a Manufacturing Engineer, Zach’s story is one of dedication and self-improvement.

Zach’s career at TEAM began through the Team Works program, which equipped him with the skills needed for machine operation, including reading micrometers, calipers, and operational sketches. His welding certification further solidified his expertise before graduating high school. TEAM recognized his potential and brought him on board, drawn by his interest in CNC machining.

Starting part-time in 2003 and transitioning to full-time in June 2004, Zach’s roles have evolved significantly. He has been an operator, a weekend shift lead, and a setup specialist before stepping in as a Manufacturing Engineer. He finds excitement in the 3D software and trying many new types of technologies. His role allows him to be at the forefront of innovation, constantly exploring and implementing cutting-edge solutions.

A notable self-achievement for Zach is his ability to self-teach programming for machines, a skill he acquired without formal college education. This accomplishment highlights his commitment to continuous learning and adaptability.

Zach feels Driving Innovation means being among the first who try and create new technologies. It’s about pushing the envelope and setting new industry standards.

What Zach values most about TEAM Industries are the people and the opportunities for career exploration and advancement. He feels it is an excellent workplace with good benefits, family-like atmosphere and gives the opportunity to make some really cool stuff.

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