TEAM Spotlight - George Page - TEAM Andrews - TEAM Industries
January 17, 2024

TEAM Spotlight – George Page – TEAM Andrews

TEAM Spotlight: Driving Innovation and Empowering Growth – George Page

There are those who settle for mediocrity and those who strive for excellence. George Page is a shining example of excellence.

Currently working in quality assurance at our TEAM Andrews facility as an Aerospace Quality Technician. George talks about the exciting aspect of his job and enjoys it because it allows him time to work closely with operators individually, sharing his knowledge and expertise to help them excel in their roles.

Driving Innovation is a key aspect of George’s role at TEAM. For him it means actively exploring new methods, procedures, and ideas to improve processes, and inspiring his colleagues to do the same. By promoting the company in a positive way, George believes that innovation can thrive within the organization.

One of the reasons why George enjoys working at TEAM is the organization’s commitment to TEAM member growth.

He is grateful for the opportunities TEAM has given him to expand his knowledge and experience through schooling, classes and collaborating with other departments. He feels this enhances TEAM member’s abilities and helps them progress in their career.

He also feels TEAM provides its TEAM members with a wide range of benefits, competitive pay, bonuses, and unique positions, which makes TEAM stand out as an employer of choice.

TEAM would like to shine a well-deserved spotlight on George, someone who embodies the organization’s values. George Page is a prime example of the talent and dedication that thrives at TEAM. His passion for Driving Innovation, coupled with the company’s support and opportunities, has allowed him to excel in his role.

So, take a leaf out of George’s book – “be the master of your trade and never quit!’




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