TEAM Spotlight - Craig Campbell - TEAM Park Rapids - TEAM Industries
December 15, 2023

TEAM Spotlight – Craig Campbell – TEAM Park Rapids

TEAM Spotlight: Craig Campbell’s Journey of Dedication and Success at TEAM Industries
In the world of business, it is often the individuals behind the scenes who truly make a difference.
Craig has been a devoted employee at TEAM Industries for 28 years. He has been an invaluable asset
to the company and has played a pivotal role in its success. We want to shine the spotlight on Craig,
and highlight his dedication, accomplishments, and why he believes TEAM Industries is a remarkable
place to work.
Craig’s journey with TEAM Industries began when the company opened in Park Rapids in 1994 and
his family had just relocated to the area. Seeking new opportunities, he saw great potential in joining
our growing organization. Little did he know that these initial aspirations would turn into a lifelong
passion for his work at TEAM. Craig’s current position as a Production Lead allows him to work
closely with people and various departments, a responsibility he truly enjoys. His ability to make
things work, generate profits, and create lasting memories has been a driving force in his
professional journey.

When asked about his accomplishments, Craig remains humble and attributes his success to the
efforts of the entire team. He feels that TEAMs mission of Driving Innovation means continually
adapting to the fast-paced and ever-changing business. He refuses to settle for mediocrity and
constantly strives for improvement. This pursuit of excellence exemplifies Craig’s commitment to
his work and to TEAM Industries as a whole.
One of the aspects Craig appreciates most about TEAM Industries is the involvement and care
demonstrated by the Ricke Family owners. The Ricke family’s genuine concern for their employees
shines through in various ways, creating a supportive and nurturing work environment. Craig feels
this sense of belonging and the opportunity for personal growth are what sets TEAM Industries
apart from other companies.
Beyond the exceptional work environment and rewarding career prospects, Craig also highlights
TEAM Industries’ comprehensive benefits package as a noteworthy perk. Additionally, the
company’s consistent efforts to show appreciation and support for its employees through various
events throughout the year further reinforce the sense of belonging and gratitude shared by all.
Craig’s selection for this spotlight feature is a testament to his unwavering dedication and his
continued pursuit of improvement. He consistently strives to make each day better than the last,
ensuring that his work is of the highest quality. His devotion to the TEAM vision is an inspiration to
his colleagues and a testament to his exceptional character

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