TEAM Assembly – Putting it all Together

TEAM Industries is a leader in North American continuous variable transmissions (CVT) production; assembling and balancing over half a million CVT assemblies each year. We also assemble hundreds of thousands of transmissions and transaxles, and build a multitude of sub-assemblies, utilizing flexible cellular manufacturing methods that include varying combinations of manual, automated and robotic assembly processes.

TEAM’s philosophy of Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing plays heavily into the development of our assembly processes. By eliminating waste and optimizing our assets, we improve our processes, products and the bottom line. That’s why TEAM’s process design utilizes all of the following:

In addition, all TEAM assembly jobs benefit from the following:

TEAM has the flexibility and resources to arrange team members, workstations, and/or equipment in sequences that optimize efficiency. In so doing, inventories and materials move continuously and smoothly, from start to finish, producing products in a single process flow. Minimal handling of materials and increased production speeds result in great cost and time savings, reduced inventory and consistent quality.