TEAM Foundation

TEAM Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the quality of life in rural Minnesota. Established in 2003, TEAM Foundation invests resources in the areas of education, healthcare and community. Grants are awarded to qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and public schools that serve Minnesota communities.

TEAM Industries started in the town of Cambridge, Minnesota in 1967 by Don and Bea Ricke.  The newly created company started with a dream of bringing jobs to rural Minnesota.   Forty-three years later, TEAM Industries is still bringing jobs to rural locations in each of its five facilities throughout Minnesota and one in Andrews, North Carolina.

TEAM Industries was also founded with the idea of giving a certain percentage of its earnings to charity and to the communities where their facilities are located.  The main focus has been to increase the quality of life for children and for seniors, the two areas that Don and Bea believe needed the most support.

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