TEAM Products –
Driving Innovation, Quality & Performance

TEAM Industries creates innovative solutions for transmitting, delivering and/or applying power -- when, where and how it’s needed. TEAM has been Driving InnovationTM by developing performance and reliability-enhancing drivetrain and chassis components for recreational, agricultural, and industrial off-highway markets since 1967.

Our broad vertical integration enables us to provide product support at all levels:

Engineered Products

Components and assemblies that are designed by TEAM engineers, in collaboration with our customer’s engineers.  Engineered products may be as simple as a gear selector or as complex as a five-speed transmission or an auto-locking differential.

Using duty cycles, formulas, spreadsheets and other TEAM-developed design aids, we will design, prototype, test, and ultimately manufacture your component. Our design, prototyping, and verification capabilities have been used to create customized engineered products such as:

  • Gear sets
  • Transmissions
  • Wet brake assemblies
  • Pedal groups (accelerator and brake)
  • Axle assemblies


Make-to-print Products

Parts that are manufactured, under contract, to the blueprints and specifications of our customers. These parts range from relatively simple shafts or gears, to complex machined castings such as engine crankcases:

  • Individual parts - gears, spindles, shafts, etc.
  • Large cast iron housings for agricultural tractors
  • Clutch components and fan drives for large trucks
  • Automotive differentials
  • Hydraulic components for pumps, motors and valves
  • High-precision computer parts
  • Engine crankcases

Proprietary Products

TEAM has designed and manufactured numerous proprietary products. These products are largely the result of TEAM’s research and development efforts and include patented products such as:

  • Primary & secondary clutches (CVTs)
  • Transaxles for small electric vehicles
  • Other drivetrain components

Most of TEAM’s products and services fit into one of these five categories: