TEAM Electric Vehicle Drivetrains

TEAM Industries designs and manufactures the toughest and quietest drivetrains available for both on- and off-road electric vehicles. Our expertise has been honed from decades of experience within the ATV, utility vehicle, motorcycle, and golf car industry and has been applied to the development of a variety of innovative electric drivetrain components for the ever-expanding electric vehicle market.

TEAM’s electric drivetrains and transaxles address the market’s demands, providing the following benefits:


To build a quiet drivetrain, you first need quiet gears. TEAM’s 40+ years of advanced gear design expertise consistently produces the quietest gears, and therefore the quietest drivetrains, available on the market today.


Whether an electric vehicle travels off-road in the backcountry or on the paved streets of a retirement community, its owner demands rugged durability with little or no maintenance. TEAM products have been rigorously tested to ensure a lifetime of rugged durability.


TEAM currently offers a wide range of electric vehicle transaxles in a variety of gear ratios. We are continuously working on new designs and refinements to further increase this versatility.

Innovative Design

TEAM’s electric transaxles and drivetrains can accommodate vehicles with independent suspension, vehicles with front- wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and vehicles with beam axles in a variety of widths. All electric transaxles are only available to OEMs with an established volume.

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