US Patent and Trademark Office Issued TEAM Industries Three New Patents

Patent no. 7,578,759, Torque Limiting Mechanism, describes inventions that limit peak torque spikes that may occur in vehicle drivetrains. TEAM’s PTL (Peak Torque Limiting) devices are presently being used by several OEMs to protect the drivetrains in snowmobiles, ATVs, and other vehicles.

Patent no. 7,581,467, Transmission, controls key portions of a new 6-speed transmission that TEAM developed for large V-twin motorcycles. This transmission was developed in cooperation with S & S Cycle of Viola, Wisconsin.

Patent no. 7,591,355, Disconnect, was awarded for a unique drive train disconnect for 4-wheel drive systems or transfer case design. Typically this disconnect would be placed in the transmission or front differential housing to provide automatic, on demand connection of the front wheels when the system detects wheel slippage. The disconnect can be programmed for different driving conditions or styles, can provide torque spike control, and gives soft engagement of the front wheels. When coupled with TEAM’s SmartLocker differentials, the disconnect gives a complete traction control system that can seamlessly go from turf friendly open differential mode to aggressive 4-wheel drive automatically, on the fly, and on demand.

These patents and other R&D that TEAM is engaged in once again demonstrate that TEAM should be your source for transmission design, gearbox manufacturing, or other drivetrain services and manufacturing.