TEAM Industries Receives Its Eleventh Patent

Detroit Lakes, MN – September 1, 2011 - TEAM Industries was awarded its eleventh patent (Patent no. 7,874,399), for a “Wet Brake System, Rear Gear Assembly Including Wet Brake System and Vehicle Including Same”.  The patent was jointly developed by engineers at TEAM Industries and at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America; TEAM and Yamaha are joint assignees of the patent.

This patent is for a rear axle that incorporates a multi-disc wet brake for use in ATVs and other recreational vehicles. The patent also covers the prop shaft, input shaft to the rear end, ring and pinion reduction gearing, and other drive train components. It overcomes some of the problems of previous wet brake systems by placing the wet brake adjacent to the ring gear.  This allows for a more compact system, and provides an important, additional measure of safety by placing the brake much closer in the drive train to the final rotating member.

The “spool” type axles that are covered by the new patent do not utilize a differential.  For vehicles that require a more “turf friendly” approach, such as golf cars and certain utility vehicles, TEAM has developed a wet brake axle that incorporates a differential.  This axle is described in TEAM’s Patent 7,367,913, “Wet Brake System For Vehicles”.  This axle is available in TEAM’s model EV10-B Electric Transaxle for light duty electric vehicles.