TEAM Industries Receives $33,687 Rebate Check

Detroit Lakes, MN – July 10, 2012 – Minnesota Energy Resources’ Ted Geeser, District Manager, and Marc Jimmerson, Account Manager, presented TEAM Industries’ Gary Vaudrin, TEAM Detroit Lakes Plant Manager, with a rebate check in the amount of $33,687.00 for efficiency improvements made to equipment at TEAM Industries’ foundry and aluminum die casting facility located at 1551 Richwood Road, Detroit Lakes.

TEAM worked with Franklin Energy, an engineering firm specializing in the implementation of energy efficiency, to identify and implement the project, which involved updates to one of the foundry’s aluminum melting furnaces. The updates included the removal of the old refractory lining – the heat-resistant protective coating on the inside of the furnace; installation and sintering of a new refractor lining; and inspection of the entire furnace.

Though the improvements cost over $67,000, Franklin Energy estimates that the reconditioned furnace should save more than 29,000 therms – or 2.9 billion BTUs per year. That represents an energy cost savings of almost $17,000 annually.

The rebate is part of Minnesota Energy Resources' Commercial & Industrial Turn-Key Efficiency Program, a program designed to help customers who use over 100,000 therms per year.