Splines are just one of TEAM Industries’ many manufacturing specialties. TEAM Park Rapids and TEAM Audubon have produced millions of quality splines and offer a variety of spline manufacturing processes.

Spline Cutting

Spline cutting is the process of machining internal or external splines (ridges or teeth) onto shafts, gears and other mechanical power transmission components, which mesh with grooves in a mating piece allowing power to be transmitted from one to the other.

TEAM offers the following spline cutting options

  • Broaching
  • Hobbing
  • Milling
  • Shaping

Spline Rolling

Cold Form Spline Rolling

Spline rolling is the fastest and most economical cold-forming method of producing involute toothed forms. The spline rolling process utilizes two opposing forming racks which advance over a cylindrical part, exerting extreme pressure. Material on the part is physically displaced (not removed) to generate the desired form.

Benefits of Spline Rolling:

  • Material Cost Savings
  • Superior Component Properties
    • Improved Grain Structure
    • Better Surface Finish
    • Consistent Tolerance Control
    • 25- 30% Stronger than Cut Splines
  • Reduce Production Costs