TEAM Detroit Lakes Product Groups

TEAM Detroit Lakes is a foundry and aluminum die casting facility and therefore known for high-quality aluminum die castings. The variety of castings is almost limitless within these current parameters:


  • Transmission cases
  • CVT castings
  • engine crankcases
  • differential cases
  • Casing with steel inserts

Part Sizes: 15-325 inches²

Aluminum Alloys:

Alloy 380 is the most widely used of the aluminum die casting alloys, offering the best combination of casting and product properties. It may be specified for most product applications including chassis for electronic equipment, engine brackets, transmission and gear cases, hand and power tools and mechanical housings.

Alloy 360 offers high corrosion resistance and superior strength at elevated temperatures than 380. Other properties are essentially equivalent.

Alloy 390 was developed for automotive engine blocks. Resistance to wear is excellent, while ductility is the lowest of the die casting alloys. It is used for products such as valve bodies, compressor housings in pistons and other products subject to abrasion and wear.

Alloy 369, like 390, offers increased wear resistance, without being as abrasive or as fluid as 390. These properties make it easier on machine tools. 369 can often be used as a cost-saving substitute for 390 in applications requiring heavy machining.