TEAM Andrews – Specializing in Precision Machining & Customer Satisfaction

TEAM Andrews knows metal cutting – from Ductile Iron to 9310 steel, and from 15 5PH stainless steel to aluminum die castings, we machine it all. Our specialty is machining technically-difficult precision gears and components to the satisfaction of even the most discriminating customers, like those in the aerospace industry. In fact, 20% of our current production is committed to aerospace gears.Team andrews

Our machining capabilities are augmented by our in-house heat treating processes (gas carburizing, through hardening and quench-and-temper) as well as our metallurgy and metrology Labs.

TEAM Andrews is the only TEAM Industries facility located outside of Minnesota. While TEAM’s other facilities may be "Minnesota nice", TEAM Andrews, which is located in the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina, exudes "down-home" hospitality. We consider every associate and customer to be part of our extended family.

We invite you to become “one of the family.” Whether you’re looking for traditional or CNC (computer numerical controlled) machining, or high-precision gear manufacturing, you can count on TEAM Andrews to tend to your every need and specification.  

TEAM Andrews Stats: