Putting It to the Test

Testing of raw materials, individual components, and final products is essential to providing total quality assurance and ensuring overall safety to our customers and yours. That’s why TEAM incorporates testing into every stage of a project – from virtual testing of a prototype, to quality inspection and in-line bench testing of parts and assemblies, and finally field testing of the end product.

Because quality and safety are of utmost importance, TEAM has vigorously invested in in-house testing facilities with state-of-the-art testing equipment, as well as field testing grounds. Our testing department is fully staffed by qualified mechanical engineers, trained instrument and lab technicians, and professional test drivers. These dedicated individuals know our products inside and out – literally, and apply that knowledge toward TEAM’s ideal of continuous improvement.

Not only does TEAM’s in-house testing capabilities ensure the ultimate quality and safety, they can also help to reduce your time to market, as well as your overall costs.

TEAM’s In-house Testing Capabilities:

  • Bench testing
  • Acoustic testing
  • Field testing
  • Metallurgical  LabHydraulic Duty Cycle Stand