TEAM Engineering – Your Single-source Engineering Solution

TEAM Engineering has a large and diverse staff with hundreds of years of combined engineering experience. Our concept-to-completion approach breaks down the historical barriers between engineering, prototyping/testing and manufacturing, allowing TEAM to deliver a seamless transition from design and development, through prototyping and testing, to full-scale manufacturing.

TEAM Engineering Services

TEAM Engineering includes customized Design Engineering, Rapid Prototyping and Testing services – all in-house. With advanced CAD capabilities and proven expertise, TEAM consistently delivers the strategic and visionary designs and innovative solutions and improvements that our customers have come to expect.

TEAM Engineering Roster

  • Design Engineers research and develop ideas for new and/or improved products, processes & technologies. Our innovative thinking goes beyond what exists today and conceives the things that may exist tomorrow.
  • Estimating Engineers integrate with all areas of engineering to provide you with and the best possible process and pricing solution. We are able to quote short run emergency or long run production parts.
  • Industrial & Automation Engineers develop in-house turnkey automation for manufacturing processes by integrating machine tools and handling equipment to reduce costs for our customers.
  • Manufacturing Engineers create superior manufacturing processes by continually reviewing the allocation of resources, analyzing productivity, and seeking ways to maximize production while minimizing cost.
  • Mechanical Engineers apply the principles of motion, energy, force and materials to create competitive products that are safe, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.
  • Metallurgical Engineers assist our customers in choosing the highest quality and cost-effective materials. We work with suppliers to develop metal treatment processes that meet our customer’s metallurgical specifications.